A Beginner’s Guide to Simone Weil — KennethNovis

Simone Weil is a difficult and complicated figure whose thought I have come over the last two years to greatly respect. However, I frequently see people who are approaching her ideas for the first time making ill-advised decisions regarding where to begin and which concepts to look out for. These problems are exacerbated by the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Simone Weil — KennethNovis

My good friend Kenny has recently published a detailed, informative and hugely helpful introductory guide to the thought of Simone Weil. Anyone curious about her work should begin with this article. My own knowledge of Weil is limited beyond reading The Need for Roots as an undergraduate, and my various conversations about her ideas with Kenny over pints in Edinburgh. Maybe I’ll soon have time to read a little more!

I should also add that Kenny has joined us on the Zer0 Books YouTube channel, and has already released a video on Marx’s ‘Workers Inquiry’ with Clark McAllister, linked below:

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