New Revolts

This is a blog where I can explore thoughts I have about philosophy, theory and culture. The thrust is broadly critical theory and continental philosophy. My interests have been developing over time, and at the moment I’m particularly interested in the relationship between post-structuralist philosophy, communism, and anarchist theory. But I’m also interested in conceptions of historical materialism, Communisation theory, radical democracy, and animal liberation.

I’m also one of the four co-hosts of Acid Horizon, a theory podcast dedicated to exploring important philosophical texts and ideas by thinkers who speak to the problems of our current world and the possibility of liberation. You can follow our Twitter account @AcidHorizonPod (primarily run by Craig), or subscribe to us on most podcasting services including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you like what we’re doing and would like to support us in creating great new episodes, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

I’m one year into my PhD, where I’m trying to develop an immanent critique of radical democratic theory via the work of William E. Connolly. The intension is to demonstrate how much further this theory can be pushed if we jettison the Gramscian concept of hegemony and instead focus on the ideas developed by Gilles Deleuze, Fèlix Guattari, and Michel Foucault. I’m hoping to put their ideas – particularly notions of immanence, molecularity, and affirmation – into conversation with more recent texts and thinkers such as The Invisible Committee, Hardt and Negri, and Giorgio Agamben. I’m also interested in concepts of Commons and the Undercommons, destitution and destitutive power, and our contemporary understanding of the place (if any) of the revolutionary subject. The idea is therefore to develop an understanding of radical democracy much closer to anarchism than has been commonly understood within the literature, and against the unnecessary suspicion and rejection of the idea of democracy by contemporary anarchist thinkers.

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