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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Simone Weil — KennethNovis

    Simone Weil is a difficult and complicated figure whose thought I have come over the last two years to greatly respect. However, I frequently see people who are approaching her ideas for the first time making ill-advised decisions regarding where to begin and which concepts to look out for. These problems are exacerbated by the […]…

  • On the Greatness of Marx

    On the Greatness of Marx

    The final book Deleuze was working on before his untimely death, ‘Grandeur de Marx’, has an almost mythical status among followers and readers of Deleuze’s philosophy.

  • Lines of Flight: Possibilities and Organisation

    Lines of Flight: Possibilities and Organisation

    “There are two ways of rejecting the revolution. The first is to refuse to see it where it exists; the second is to see it where it manifestly will not occur.”

  • The Molecular Subject(s) of Revolution

    The Molecular Subject(s) of Revolution

    The flows of desire have never conformed to rigid ideological identifications, always escaping, breaking out from pre-determined and fixed frameworks of understanding. We must be attentive to the singularity of any revolutionary moment, not in order to isolate it, but in order to understand it and to see how these intensities may spiral outwards in…

  • Ranciere, Democracy and Insurrection

    Ranciere, Democracy and Insurrection

    This post might read in a slightly jumbled way, but I needed to get some thoughts down and out there in order to try and make sense of them in my own head. I’ve been struggling the last few weeks to resolve a number of difficult conceptual issues the first chapter of my thesis resulted…